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English general considered one of the greatest generals in history (1650-1722)

British statesman and leader during World War II

a Canadian town in northern Manitoba on Hudson Bay

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Churchill in a further display of anti-democratic resolve sent the army into the mines of Tonypandy in 1910 when the miners democratically withdrew their labour.
In his second tweet, he went on to state that Churchill was despised by his own party, the opposition and also the press.
3who HOLLYWOOD star, Welsh actor Richard Burton played Churchill in 1974 TV movie The Gathering Storm looking at the politician's life before the Second World War.
The film spends a lot of time dressing down its subject - Churchill argues with everyone in his immediate circle - yet Churchill celebrates him anyway.
Overall, his efforts to rescue Churchill from both hagiography and disrepute not only tilt more frequently toward adulation but fail to meet Jackson's standard: "against most of these dramatic, often histrionic charges, Churchill can be defended in detail or at least properly contextualized" (6).
Independent publishing house IB Tauris plans to publish Churchill on Europe: The Untold Story of Churchill's European Project by Felix Klos on 3 June this year, literary news company The Bookseller revealed on Tuesday.
The living room inside the twostorey Sir Winston Churchill suite at St Regis Dubai Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/XPRESS At the master bedroom Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/XPRESS Free-standing bath tub Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/XPRESS The elegant kitchen Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/XPRESS Randolph Churchill with Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/XPRESS A photo of Churchill Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/XPRESS 12-seater dining table Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/XPRESS Rooftop plunge pool at the Sir Winston Churchill suite Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma/XPRESS
Many of us know Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill as a British politician and statesman who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.
Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill, the British Bulldog who inspired a nation in the darkest hours of the Second World War.
IN THE opening PAGES of Churchill's Bomb, author Graham Farmelo poses two questions: How well did British Prime Minister Winston Churchill rise to the nuclear challenge and how effectively did he work with the scientists who were developing nuclear weapons?
Scores of cleaners working on behalf of services company Churchill on a contract with Arriva Trains Wales will receive ballot papers after talks with the firm broke down.
Paul Johnson's most recent biography of Winston Churchill provides a thumbnail sketch of the British statesman's life and achievements.
Historians have wrestled with the life and reputation of Winston Churchill for decades and, with varying degrees of success, continue to reveal this monumental figure to an increasingly curious readership.
Paul Johnson, Churchill, New York: Viking, 2009, ISBN: 978-0-670-02105-5, 166 pp.
It was inspired of History Today's then editors Peter Quennell and Man Hodge to ask Lord Beaverbrook to compare and contrast Britain's two greatest war leaders of the 20th century, David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill.
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