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Synonyms for churchyard

the yard associated with a church


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The moment you hear the call, follow the man, and drop him before he gets out of the church-yard.
What could he want in the desolate neighborhood of the house and church-yard at that time of night?
The man wanted--what the man found a little lower down the lane, hidden in a dismantled part of the church-yard wall--a letter from a young lady.
On reaching the far bank we turn right on the footpath along the riverbank with the church-yard spreading across ground on our left.
The lighting of the Easter bonfire 'lambratzia' is another tradition that causes concern and alarm to the authorities due to its fire hazard risks, and lately the 'lambratzia wars', a more recent phenomenon where competition between church-yard bonfires can turn violent.
Chad's in Leeds, which enlisted a local fungus group to plant mushrooms in the church-yard, and St.
In St Nicholas Cathedral church-yard is laid the chief of Newcastle's Press Gang, which forcibly recruited men for the Navy, and who was aptly named Captain Bover.
Thomas Gray is usually remembered for his moving poem, Elegy Written in a Country Church-Yard and for his Eton Ode.