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the district within the jurisdiction of an archbishop or a metropolitan or one of the territorial divisions of an ecclesiastical order

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21, Bishop Kunonga wrote a letter to Archbishop Bernard Malango, who has since retired, withdrawing the diocese of Harare from the regional church province.
Archbishop Drexel Gomez, primate (senior bishop) of the West Indies, a church province based in the Bahamas, did not reply to the Anglican Journal's request for an interview.
Maurice Francois left Chile, which is part of the southern South American church province, for Canada, also due to theological disagreements.
Among Presbyterian churches, the Ham-gyung church province, which had a more radical theology than other provinces and was greatly influenced by Canadian churches, raised the question and argued the case for women's rights in the church.
Last November, Archbishop Hiltz and the four Canadian metropolitans, or regional archbishops, issued a pastoral statement that asked Archbishop Williams to address moves by Canadian dissidents to join a South American church province and minister illegitimately in Canada.
ENI--The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thuringia and the Evangelical Church of the Church Province of Saxony, which are situated among many of the historic sites associated with the 16th-century reformer Martin Luther have merged to form the Evangelical Church in Central Germany.
JERUSALEM -- While stopping short of outright schism, an international gathering of conservative Anglican leaders called for a new orthodox church province in North America and a new council of archbishops to oversee likeminded Anglicans.
Instead of insisting on geographical church provinces, "hopefully, this will be resolved so we can realign or restructure so everyone can follow their concerns.
As part of the family of 38 Anglican church provinces, the Episcopalians of North America come under the general leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams.
Although the Lambeth resolution was nonbinding on the 37 church provinces, to many gays within the American branch of the Anglican Communion--the 2.
Many of his fellow primates from the so-called Global South--Asia, South America and in particular, the church provinces of Nigeria, the Southern Cone (based in Argentina) and Central Africa-turned up wanting blood from Canada and the U.