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a place where food is contributed and made available to those in need

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Prince Jackson, a security officer for Air Serv working on Delta flights at Terminal 3, said he often feeds himself by eating at his church pantry.
In my community of Studio City, my neighbor and I pick up bread goods at Manhattan Bagel, Gelson's and Whole Foods and bring these items to a church pantry in our area.
American taxpayers pay billions in medical, educational and welfare costs (ask any church pantry how many illegals come to them each day for help).
The Church of Hope, where 1,500 people receive food donations from the church pantry, is one of four local charities benefiting from the annual fundraiser.
It's shameful that so many people need to turn to a food bank or church pantry just to eat in the very same communities where the food is raised," said Forney.
The 4-year-old charity has seen a marked demand at such agencies as the Panorama Baptist Church pantry in Pacoima, which served 300 families in fiscal 2003-04, compared with 400 families in the fiscal year ended June 30.