Church of the Brethren

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a Baptist denomination founded in 1708 by Americans of German descent

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22) Annual Conference of the Church of the Brethren, Annual Conference Minutes, 1958, Brethren Historical Library and Archives [online resource].
For example, a Church of the Brethren professor, Scott Holland, calls for believers churches, especially Mennonites, to recover an emphasis on the individual, the solitary experience of God, love of God, and the role of emotion in thought and theology.
Noffsinger, General Secretary, Church of the Brethren: "The Church of the Brethren has always affirmed and lived out Jesus' call to clothe the naked and feed the hungry.
She was a Sunday school teacher at Church of the Brethren in Springfield.
The Brethren During the Age of World War: The Church of the Brethren Encounter with Modernization.
DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Church of the Brethren passed a resolution calling for the end of the war in Iraq at its recent annual meeting.
The council includes representatives of the following organizations: Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles; American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles; Board of Rabbis of Southern California; Southern California/Nevada Conference of United Church of Christ; Union of American Hebrew Congregations; Church of the Brethren, Pacific Southwest District; Diocese of the Armenian Orthodox Church; Presbyterian Church of USA; Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; United Methodist Church; and Disciples of Christ, Pacific Southwest region.
The Mennonites, Friends, and Church of the Brethren, as well as the Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, and Episcopal churches are heavily involved.
During 1881-1883 a major split in the movement produced three groups: the so-called old orders, who became the Old German Baptist Brethren; the so-called progressives who became the Brethren Church; and the so-called conservatives, who retained the title German Baptist Brethren but later renamed themselves Church of the Brethren.
Suzanne Schaudel, a member of the Church of the Brethren, one of more than 500 people who attended a vigil March 19 in Lancaster, Pa.
This led to a common statement prepared by representatives of the Society of Friends, the Mennonites and the Church of the Brethren as well as the International Fellowship of Reconciliation under the title "Peace Is the Will of God" (1953).
Sunday sermon for Church of the Brethren, 14517 Osborne St.
So, when I puzzled over what I could do for Janine, I thought of a spiritual bouquet that would bring comfort to my bereaved Church of the Brethren friend.
Springfield Church of the Brethren - The West Winds flute choir will hold a free concert at 10:30 a.
Under a Power Purchase Agreement, Church of the Brethren is to buy clean electricity, better control their energy costs and reduce regional carbon emissions with a 23-kilowatt system
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