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a new religion founded by L

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Mr Pickles said: "Tolerance and freedom of expression are important British values, but this does not mean that the likes of the Church of Scientology deserve favoured tax treatment over and above other business premises.
The Church of Scientology has Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its followers.
She said representatives initially told her that Narconon was not connected with the Church of Scientology, but later told her there was a relationship.
In the March 5 column, Robertson asserted that his approach will avert the "intolerable situation" of tax money flowing directly to groups like the Hare Krishnas and the Church of Scientology.
The building, over 49,000 square feet, represents the Church of Scientology's largest presence ever in the nation's capital, a presence that dates back to the 1955 establishment of the Founding Church of Scientology in the District by Scientology Founder L.
The Church of Scientology welcomes individuals and groups to its Open House and panel discussion on International Day of Peace, Sept 21st at 1130 8th Avenue South in Nashville, Tennessee.
Julieta Santagostino has been volunteering for the past eight years as the President of the Foundation for a Drug Free World, a secular drug education campaign supported by the Church of Scientology.
The estranged couple have been raising Suri in accordance with the doctrine of the Church of Scientology - treating her as an adult, free to make her own decisions.
For the good of your followers, for the good of mankind - for the laughs - we shall expel you from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form"
LOS ANGELES -- The European Office of the Church of Scientology supports the Blue Heart Campaign against Human Trafficking of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
The Church of Scientology is involved in this effort through its community betterment program, The Way to Happiness.
Parishioners of the Church of Scientology in Clearwater wrapped up their Holiday giving with two signature events the weekend before Christmas.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST - A one-time boarding school tucked deep in Bouquet Canyon will reopen as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility with ties to the Church of Scientology.
LOS ANGELES -- Freedom Magazine, a Church of Scientology International publication has been recognized by the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) with the 2009 DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Awards Certificate of Merit for writing on the web.
To lift the community to a new level, the Nashville Church of Scientology is working with other community organizations to plan an event with dialogue and activity aimed at raising awareness and friendship among even the most disparate peoples.
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