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autonomous branch of the Church of England in Ireland

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Although the policy toward recusants and the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Ireland was one of tactical toleration until the Church of Ireland could be reconstructed, Wentworth and Bramhall were willing to foment division among the Catholics and seize their financial resources (174-175).
Her work would have been enriched by a fuller discussion of the differences between low (in other words, evangelical) and high church in the Church of Ireland, and by greater mention of the tensions between Catholic priests and the peasantry, since they added to the polarization of Ireland's religious environment.
A CHURCH of Ireland bishop has supported the introduction of civil marriage for same-sex couples for the first time.
But he only agreed to meet the Church of Ireland and the Orange Order, snubbing the Methodists and Presbyterians.
Daithi O Corrain's study of the Anglican Church of Ireland and the Irish Catholic Church between 1945 and 1973 is a welcome contribution to a surprisingly under-researched area of modern Irish history.
O Corrain (contemporary Irish history, Trinity College Dublin) looks at the Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland as examples of organizations that have operated on both sides of the border after the partition of Ireland in 1920 and tried to adjust to, moderate, or simply live with the divided nation.
Archbishop Robin Eames will step down as primate of the Church of Ireland on Dec.
The rector of the Westport Church of Ireland has offered his Catholic counterpart the use of his church premises.
The current loyalist feud could easily spill over into a renewed outbreak of sectarian violence, the head of the Church of Ireland warned yesterday.
The choir will perform at both Catholic and Church of Ireland venues including St Patrick's Cathedral and St Anne's, in Dublin.
Three chapters record the views of Nationalists and Loyalists, Catholic and Presbyterian and Church of Ireland clergy.
CHRISTIANS should confront those who treat life as a commodity, Church of Ireland primate Dr Richard Clarke has said.
A PROTESTANT clergyman has criticised his Church of Ireland bosses for their bigoted and backward ways.
Archbishop Robin Eames, primate of the Church of Ireland and chair of the Lambeth Commission has also spoken out against the Church of Nigeria's decision.
The Laity and the Church of Ireland, 1000-2000: All Sorts and Conditions.
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