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an officer in the Episcopal church who helps a parish priest with secular matters

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Church warden and chair of the parish council, Kate Brown said: "This is the third time the church has been subjected to wilful damage.
The church's newsletter, updated only last Tuesday, said: "June is also a time for us to formally thank Anne Dunkley, our Church Warden for seven years.
Church Warden Chris Wilson with the 'Deposition' painting that they wanted to sell to fund other projects at Hexham Abbey in Northumberland.
Church Warden Norma Davies and Valeria Gobin at the Church of the Holy Saviour where two coping stones have been stolen.
He was a hard working councillor, a St Mary's Church warden and a community centre treasurer.
The church warden said: "I think Emma wanted the villagers to be aware of the funeral and to take the opportunity to thank them for their support.
Church warden Rob Parker-Gulliford said: "The organ is central to our church worship, choral tradition and service to the town of Rugby.
The missing family members were remembered in prayers last Christmas at the Anglican church at Little Red Reserve, where Stan has served for many years as church warden.
Church warden John Caiger said the Morgan family had a long association with the church.
A wino in a Paddington churchyard was disrupting a funeral and shouting abuse, so church warden Anthony Kyrke Smith removed him from the premises.
Leaving a few pesos in the tin cup circulated by an insistent young church warden, we filled our eyes and ears with memories, and filed out the door.
Liz Rawlinson, church warden, said: "It's been quite busy and it made for a lovely weekend.
Church warden Richard Eaton said: "[euro]is new roof will be a massive boost for the hall and its current users.
Church warden Helen Leach say the criminals targeted the office of the church's Deaf Club but did not take anything.
Church warden, Bob Kermode, said: "Working with the National Trust and the friends of the church there are plans to rebury the remains in March with a dignified ceremony in three areas of the churchyard.