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a plant of the genus Agrimonia having spikelike clusters of small yellow flowers

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In the 19th century the dominance of church steeples began to be challenged by secular towers.
Several church steeples and towers also partly collapsed.
The state-of-the-art camera system enabled detailed photos to be taken -providing visual information about weather damage and the general condition of features such as solar panels as well as church steeples, gutters and architectural stonework.
The moon climbed the church steeples through the long deep night and then slid down the sky' p133) and similes which bring the story alive and place the reader in the centre of the action.
The world's greatest steeplechase dates back to 1977, when competitors would literally chase church steeples being dragged in front of them by tractors.
When I was a kid I used to climb church steeples looking for pigeons, go under bridges and all the rest of it.
The building overlooks a neighborhood of church steeples and offers stunning vistas of Central Park to the south.
And no man can touch the church steeples as we fly by.
Plenty to crow about: Under a Ninth Century decree by the Pope, all church steeples in England had to carry a cockerel on their steeple as a reminder of Jesus' prophecy that the cock would not crow the morning after the Last Supper.
They rose up in stair-stepped terraces on slopes like church steeples.
Tallinn's historic centre is a gem, with the towers of a castle straight out of the Lord Of The Rings crowning a hilltop above medieval streets and church steeples.
The aerials (inset below) masquerade as trees, lamp-posts, weathervanes, church steeples and even a Shell petrol sign.
They fixed on two church steeples as reference points for the start and end of the race.
Other disguises for eyesore antennas: road signs, flagpoles, church steeples, and fake palm trees--Buzz sees them scattered around Los Angeles.