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(Christianity) any of about 70 theologians in the period from the 2nd to the 7th century whose writing established and confirmed official church doctrine

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National Socialism claimed, after all, to be the Third Reich, successor to the First Reich, and the First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire that the Church Fathers identified with the katechon.
Despite the claim of the church fathers that they adhered to tradition, they made baptism more elaborate in successive centuries.
The church fathers treated such topics as the vocabulary of deification or the place of theosis in divine economy with slight differences; the book exposes these details.
He points out how errors of major church Fathers, such as Augustine, were perpetuated for centuries on the basis of the authors' prestige.
We present our vision which is based on Biblical teachings and the traditions of the Church Fathers that contradict with what the Church leadership currently applies under Pope Shenouda," he said.
While Erasmus's initial purpose in editing Jerome was to "serve the humanist theological purpose of letting the Church Fathers compete with, or even replace, the medieval scholastic doctors" (85), by 1516 Erasmus's editorial efforts became dominated by confessional concerns.
There are also over 36,000 citings about Jesus in the writings of the early Church Fathers.
He begins with the Church Fathers and then looks at the flourishing of millenarianism in AD 1000, the Black Death, millenarian sects during the Civil Wars, the Irvingites.
During the fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries, church fathers and other prominent Christian monks and leaders defined the concept of topographical holy space, not only in Palestine and Egypt but elsewhere in the apostolic world, and debated whether journeying to holy places was essential not only for the development of a Christian's faith but also for his or her salvation.
Very highly recommended reading for members of all Christian denominations and church affiliations, "A Primer On Biblical Studies" also covers analysis and criticism of biblical literature, the writings of the early church fathers, theology, apologetics, and the chronology of the Bible.
1) Thus, many of us Mennonites who have come to share Boyarin's passion for early Christian texts, including the texts of the church fathers, have also shared Boyarin's anxiety about this very desire.
The topic itself is a substantial one, as the influence of the church fathers was fundamental in the early modern era to the development of humanism, Catholic and Reformation theologies, as well as philosophy.
It seems as though the Church Fathers are intent on selling this green area for yet another building development.
The outlook of those church fathers spread in Europe, resulting eventually in the Vatican mandating celibacy for priests.
I do not recall too many instances where the apostles, the early church fathers and subsequent great Christian thinkers and believers hesitated to make their positions clear, although not necessarily consistent.