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a city in south-central China on the Chang Jiang

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Chiang's forces retreated far inland, up the Yangtze River to the remote city of Chungking.
On VJ Day Pat Shaw received a telegram instructing him to report immediately to Chungking with the infamous words 'Wife and baggage will follow later'.
He was a clerk-typist at the OSS headquarters in Chungking doing often highly secret office work.
Or why not go to California, for no reason, like Faye Wang in the movie Chungking Express?
According to reports in Chinese and Hong Kong media, a 26-year-old Indian delivery worker raped a 21-year-old Beijing student (who was on holiday) in a cheap hotel in the seedy Chungking Mansions area.
El filme elegido fue una joya del septimo arte en Hong-Kong: Chungking Express (de Wong Kar-Wai, 1994), donde tiene un rol protagonico una simpatica y agraciada joven china llamada Faye Wong.
Martha Gellhorn and Ernest Hemingway with unidentified Chinese military officers in, Chungking, China, in 1941.
The train provides shuttle services between the Chinese city of Chungking and the German city of Duisburg.
One academic estimates that up to 20% of sub-Saharan Africa's phones pass through one housing complex in Hong Kong called Chungking Mansions (Shadbolt, 2009), with many of them being retrofitted (fake) models.
Now, those two examples aren't the point of Vesey's entry--they are a lead-up to talking about Wong Kar Wai (in Chungking Express) and Norah Jones (in My Blueberry Nights).
Por tanto, hemos conocido de otra manera a Nueva York por Manhattan (Allen, 1979), Paris por Sin aliento (Godard, 1960), Londres por Blow-Up (Antonioni, 1966), Berlin por El cielo sobre Berlin (Wenders, 1987), Viena por El tercer hombre (Reed, 1949), San Francisco por Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958), Barcelona por El pasajero (Antonioni, 1975), Hong Kong por Chungking Express (Kar-Wai, 1994), Ciudad de Mexico por Los olvidados (Bunuel, 1950).
Must-see: City view from Victoria Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui, Chungking Mansions, island view from Star Ferry (commuter ferry service), Ocean Park
Atotal of 41 containers, originating in Chungking and crossing Kazakhstan into Lithuania, arrived by rail in 10 days as compared to 40 days by sea.
Este par de jovenes escriben el guion inspirandose en la obra de Roland Barthes, retoman el juego de Wong Kar-wai en Chungking Express, de reflejos y espacios urbanos imposibles, y exploran nuevos campos visuales y narrativos.
In the eyes of General Hodge and his like-minded supporters the most suitable group to run the country was one made up of those professional people who had been educated in the USA: this group was in favour of the return of the 'provisional government' established in Chungking under the leadership of one Dr Syngman Rhee (known thus in the West, though the family name 'Rhee' would come first in Korean).