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Synonyms for China

Synonyms for China

a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia

high quality porcelain originally made only in China

a government on the island of Taiwan established in 1949 by Chiang Kai-shek after the conquest of mainland China by the Communists led by Mao Zedong

dishware made of high quality porcelain

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On the community covenants as a way to shore up local order during the mid-Ming, see Zhu Honglin (Chu Hung-lam), "Mingdai zhongqi fangshe zhian chongjian lixiang zhi zhanxian," Chungguk hakpo 32 (1992): 87-100.
Chungguk oe busang goa Hanbando oe mirae (The Rise of China and the Future of the Korean Peninsula).