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Já os taxons Cyanobacteria, Chrysophyta e Euglenophyta, representaram menos de 0,5% do total observado no trato digestório (Figura 1, Tabela 2,).
2006) Chlorophyll a 3 Plantae, Algae Pheophytin b 2 Chl b derivative (Plantae, Chlorophya, Euglenophyta) Pheophytin a 1 Chl a derivative (Plantae, Algae) [beta]-Carotene 1 Plantae, Algae Lutein 1 Chlorophya, Euglenophyta, Plantae Alloxanthin 1 Cryptophyta Diatoxanthin 2 Bacillariophyta, Dinophyta, Chrysophyta Zeaxanthin 1 Cyanobacteria (Chlorophya) Echinenone 1 Cyanobacteria Myxoxanthophyll 2 Colonial Cyanobacteria
The Chlorophyta and the Chrysophyta accounted for 86% of the genera richness.
Nicholls and Lynn (1984) have shown the scales to be organic and not composed of silica or calcium, the elements that comprise scales within the Chrysophyta (sensu lato).
In the 80 specimens collected, a total of 29 macroalgal taxa were identified from the following taxonomic groups: 12 Chlorophyta, 11 Cyanobacteria, 4 Chrysophyta and 2 Rhodophyta.
Silica-scaled chrysophytes are taxonomically placed in the division Chrysophyta, classes Chrysophyceae and Synurophyceae, based on ultrastructural and biochemical characteristics (Andersen 1987).