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a green variety of chalcedony valued as a gemstone

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hopeless President waging war, "fighting for peace" sending State Secretary to Israel, the moon, China, Acapulco, hopeless the Dutch boy standing with his finger in the dyke, the energy crisis, the protein crisis 1990, the Folklore Crisis, the Aboriginal Crisis, the Honkie crisis, the old Nazi crisis, the Arab crisis, the Chrysophrase Crisis, Tungsten, the crisis in Panama, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Cuba, Florida, Alabama, Texas, New Jersey, New York, East 10th Street, the Crisis in San Juan Capistrano, the Oil-spill in Bolinas Bay, Santa Barbara's tar tide, the crisis of the Loch Ness Monster & the Dublin Bomb Crisis, all hopeless.
The diction reshuffles Herod's speech to Salome of the inexhaustible catalogue of enticing "chrysolites and beryls, and chrysophrases and rubies," "sardonyx and hyacinth stones, and stones of chalcedony" (Wilde, Plays 95).