Chrysemys picta

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freshwater turtles having bright yellow and red markings

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In studies with the turtles Chrysemys picta low testosterone concentrations were observed (30 ng/dL) during the autumn-winter period preceding hibernation (Ernst 1971; Ganzhorn and Licht 1983).
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Linear regression analysis for species abundance and development gradients was conducted for Trachemys scripta, Pseudemys rubriventris and Chrysemys picta using SPSS Vers.
dorsalis in the southern Mississippi drainage region and Chrysemys picta from the rest of the range of the genus, including records of the latter from Culberson and El Paso counties in far west Texas (Strecker 1915; Carr 1952; Raun & Gehlbach 1972; Thomas 1976; Dixon 2000).
Genetic diversity in fragmented populations of Clemmys guttata and Chrysemys picta marginata as shown by DNA fingerprinting.
The bulk of available life history data among the Testudines pertains to freshwater turtles, with long-term data sets available for Chrysemys picta (Wilbur 1975, Tinkle et al.