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Hatchling size in the turtle Chrysemys picta bellii from western Nebraska: relationship to egg and maternal body size.
Other Einyclids, including Pseudemys concinna (17%) and Chrysemys picta (7%) were less common.
Behavioral ecology of basking in the yellow-bellied turtle, Chrysemys scripta scripta (Schoepff).
dorsalis in the southern Mississippi drainage region and Chrysemys picta from the rest of the range of the genus, including records of the latter from Culberson and El Paso counties in far west Texas (Strecker 1915; Carr 1952; Raun & Gehlbach 1972; Thomas 1976; Dixon 2000).
Hatchling Chrysemys picta marginata and Trachemys scripta elegans were randomly assigned to experimental groups: white-substrate warm water, white-substrate cool water, black-substrate warm water, or black substrate-cool water.
Group Abundance Anurans Extremely abundant (90+% of NISP) Pond turtles (Trachemys, Chrysemys, Very abundant Emydoidea, Chelydra) Snakes (Thamnophis, Nerodia, Abundant Sistrurus, Coluber, Paracoluber, Pantherophis, Heterodon, Paleoheterodon, Lampropeltis, Opheodrys) Rodents (Spermophilus, Geomys, Abundant Symmetrodontomys, Bensonomys, Ogmodontomys, Phophenacomys, Dipoides) Rabbits (Hypolagus) Uncommon Land tortoises (Hesperotestudo) Uncommon Fishes (small catfish and sunfish) Uncommon Salamanders Rare Moles Rare Shrews (Sorex) Rare
We compared camera traps to hoop nets by estimating probabilities of occupancy and detection for two species (Trachemys scripta, Red-eared Slider; Chrysemys picta, Painted Turtle) in three regions of Illinois.
Linear regression analysis for species abundance and development gradients was conducted for Trachemys scripta, Pseudemys rubriventris and Chrysemys picta using SPSS Vers.
Seven species occur throughout the state (Ambystoma tigrinum, Bufo cognatus, Pseudacris triseriata, Rana pipiens, Heterodon nasicus, Thamnophis radix, and Chrysemys picta).
Nest-site selection and offspring sex ratio in painted turtles, Chrysemys picta.
Light Habitats, Camouflage and Background Matching of the Midland Painted Turtle, Chrysemys pieta.
This leech is commonly reported to blood-feed on Chelydra serpentina and Chrysemys picta turtles (Sawyer 1972, 1986; Amin 1981), which may represent the preferred hosts for this leech.
Sanganois Session 1 Session 2 Species Cage Net Cage Net Trachemys scripta 41 50 74 129 Apalone spinifera 1 13 0 13 Chrysemys picta 0 5 2 12 Chelydra serpentina 0 1 0 2 Sternotherus odoratus 0 4 1 2 Graptemys ouachitensis 0 0 0 0 Apalone mutica 0 0 0 0 Combined 42 73 77 158 New Salem Session 1 Session 2 Species Cage Net Cage Net Trachemys scripta 14 8 4 4 Apalone spinifera 1 0 2 3 Chrysemys picta 2 2 3 1 Chelydra serpentina 0 4 0 1 Sternotherus odoratus 0 0 0 0 Graptemys ouachitensis 0 1 0 0 Apalone mutica 0 0 0 2 Combined 17 15 9 11 Table 2.
Recent studies on the Midland painted turtle, Chrysemys picta, have demonstrated that variation, in habitat substrate background coloration can induce corresponding lighter or darker shell coloration.