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Dale's chrysanthemums, held close up to her face, and her beautiful eyes shone softly at us over them.
The Story Girl stood up and waved her chrysanthemums at us.
8 meters in diameter and composed of 641 different types of chrysanthemums grafted to southernwood.
CHRYSANTHEMUMS THESE cheery perennials bridge the gap between late summer and late autumn and although in recent years they've gone out of fashion a bit, new varieties are springing up to give them a boost.
Contract notice: Seed supply contract of annual and biennial plants, perennials, bulbs, plants orangery and cultivation contract chrysanthemums.
Tonight's challenges are to show a trio of perfect onions, grow the perfect chrysanthemums and make fruit jelly and a fruit butter (which is a kind of spreadable puree, if you were wondering like we were).
PS10 MOTHER'S DAY GIFT BASKET Filled with Palms, Chrysanthemums, Primroses and Ivy in a choice of grey/white wash basket or zinc trough planter.
It was fascinating to find out that chrysanthemums, also known as "mums," appear to have originated in China in the 15th century B.
NO matter how big the changes in the gardening world, chrysanthemums remain one of the nation's favourite flowers.
Groundsel and chickweed in particular should be removed from around growing chrysanthemums as they are host plants for the chrysanthemum eelworm.
The exhibition began on September 17 with Japanese maples and toad lilies amid sweeps of ornamental grasses and chrysanthemums, and continued with camellias and anemones.
Kushal Singh, a floriculture expert, said 17 hybrid varieties of chrysanthemums have been created for general cultivation in the state.
Chrysanthemums - or 'mums' as they are affectionately known to us gardeners - have had a well-deserved revival of late.
The trophy has been presented for the past 65 years and goes to the best exhibit in class for three vases of three chrysanthemums.
The days of British chrysanthemums in supermarket bouquets could be numbered following a sharp fall in domestic production.