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inflammation of the liver caused by a virus or a toxin

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Because most clinicopathologic studies of viral hepatitis were performed using percutaneous biopsies of the right lobe (particularly because they were done when most biopsies were "blind" rather than ultrasound-guided), right lobe biopsy specimens are preferable for the staging of chronic viral hepatitis, unless clinical circumstances require another approach.
The first product (Myrcludex B) is aimed at treatment of chronic viral hepatitis B and D, and is developed in close cooperation with a German biotech company MYR GmbH, a portfolio company of High-Tech Grunderfonds (HTGF), one of Europe's largest venture funds.
Supply of various medicines, including anti-virus drug in the drug program - Treatment of Chronic Viral Hepatitis C and disinfectants for SPWSZ in Szczecin - 31 tasks.
Stephan Urban (University Hospital Heidelberg), originator of the technology: "The enrollment of all planned patients into this trial is a very significant milestone for the drug; the success of the molecule can change treatment standards of chronic viral hepatitis B".
Inadequate knowledge and awareness about chronic viral hepatitis among at-risk populations, members of the public, and policy makers.
While the incidence of acute viral hepatitis has fallen by over 80% in the United States in the past decade, there has been increased recognition of chronic viral hepatitis.
Clinical findings and laboratory investigation often are adequate to establish the most likely diagnosis, with a predictive value of 88% for alcoholic hepatitis and 81% for chronic viral hepatitis (before availability of HCV tests) compared with biopsy (59).
25] However, the cause and mechanism leading to increased iron deposition in chronic viral hepatitis remains unknown.
In the USA, there are more than 5 million chronic viral hepatitis patients, approximately 20% of whom are at risk of developing liver cancer.
Contract award: delivery of drugs used in drug treatment programs chronic viral hepatitis b and c.
In Australia, for example, liver cancer is now the fastest increasing cause of cancer death - predominantly driven by chronic viral hepatitis - and less than 5% of people living with chronic viral hepatitis are currently receiving treatment.
The PATH B resource was created by an international advisory board of European patient advocacy groups and physicians to address all aspects of chronic viral hepatitis B - from diagnosis to long-term treatment.
It most commonly appears in a patient with chronic viral hepatitis Others who spoke on the occasion included Prof.
WASHINGTON--A new, coordinated national response is needed to screen and treat hepatitis B and C viral infections because too many infected patients are unaware of their disease and go untreated, speakers said at a national forum on chronic viral hepatitis.
Five very different viruses make up the "classical" etiological agents responsible for acute or chronic viral hepatitis in humans.
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