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Synonyms for toxicity

the degree to which something is poisonous

grave harmfulness or deadliness

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Methods for aquatic toxicity identification evaluation: Phase II toxicity identification procedures for acute and chronic toxicity, Second Edition.
Industry's compliance with GLP has caused many tens of thousands of published independent chronic toxicity studies--any of which might have determined the allowable "safe" daily dose of a chemical--to be excluded from premarket approval risk assessments and substituted with financially conflicted, yet GLP-compliant, data from the chemical's manufacturer.
Chronic toxicity, however, is exhibited by toxins that can be dangerous over a prolonged period of exposure, she said.
8 microgrammes per gramme-much higher than one to 10 microgramme of arsenic per gramme that indicates chronic toxicity according to World Health Organization (WHO) standards.
In subacute toxicity (4 weeks) and chronic toxicity (6 months) in rats and monkeys, BA produced no undesirable effects.
Standard evaluation of dredged material includes measuring acute toxicity in benthic organisms over a ten day period in the laboratory, but chronic toxicity is not routinely evaluated.
Chronic toxicity of double-walled carbon nanotubes to three marine organisms: influence of different dispersion methods
Subject of the contract is to be awarded a framework agreement for the production, delivery and analysis of specified food for 3 toxicological studies (combined KarzinogenitEnt- / chronic toxicity study, 2 subchronic studies) in rats.
The aim of this study was to test chronic toxicity in rats by oral application of an ethanolic kava full extract.
Chronic Toxicity Study Confirms Safety of Phase 2 Ingredient
Through in-house research on the anti-diabetic activities of macro algal bio-active compounds in streptozotocin induced diabetic models, the product was shown to be safe from acute and chronic toxicity on experimental subjects.
2009) present a list of 109 chemical compounds according to a "relative potency" grading system (using a scale based on lowest-effect dose levels/end points from chronic toxicity studies) and whether or not tumors occurred according to multigenders/multisites/multispecies.
Included in that Certificate were requirements to satisfy two pre-development conditions for further studies related to proposed mine tailings dam site stability and chronic toxicity testing of proposed effluent from the mine wastewater treatment plant.
The proposed research is significant because it is expected to increase our mechanistic understanding of the biological activity of nano-metallic oxides and assess their potential for chronic toxicity, and to allow us to evaluate the safety of metallic oxide nanoparticles.
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