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inflammation of the tonsils (especially the palatine tonsils)

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YanLiXiao is used for the treatment of acute dysentery, enteritis, acute and chronic tonsillitis, and upper-airway infections.
Schwimmer, who was seeking management expertise and funding for his business, a Dallas-based ENT practice called "The Snoring Center," which treats snoring, chronic tonsillitis, sleep apnea and nasal allergies.
Conversely, if one were to examine a cross-section of a tonsil affected by severe chronic tonsillitis, it would demonstrate scarring and adhesion of the tonsillar capsule to the underlying scarred and thinned SCoM, thus obscuring the peritonsillar space.
Tonsillectomy is the second most common childhood surgery and is performed as a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), snoring and chronic tonsillitis.
The simultaneous removal of the tonsils is considered to be a viable option when a patient with OME has concomitant chronic tonsillitis.
The study involved ten adult patients who had a history of chronic tonsillitis.
Otolaryngologists at the author's institution have suspected for some time that adults who undergo tonsillectomy, especially for chronic tonsillitis, have a higher postoperative bleeding rate than do children.
Recently, a Russian research institute reported that Romazulan was also found to be effective in treating chronic tonsillitis.
2-4] Significant risk factors include older age, chronic tonsillitis, excessive intraoperative bleeding, and an elevated postoperative mean arterial pressure.
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