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inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx

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Acute laryngitis, chronic laryngitis, contact pachydermia, habitual dysphonia, tubercular laryngitis, and vocal cord palsy showed improvement in more than 80% cases with conservative management.
Chronic laryngitis is the result of vocal abuse during a period of acute laryngitis--for example, a teacher going to work and speaking/singing while he/she has a cold.
Chronic laryngitis and Reinke's edema as a cause of chronic persistent hoarseness were seen in four and three
But reports suggest that as many as 10% of otolaryngology referrals are for patients with a classic presentation of LPR, and that 50% to 60% of cases of chronic laryngitis are related to LPR.
Perhaps, but those numbers dwindle when set against the 85 years Pugh has endured lingering respiratory damage and a chronic laryngitis from inhaling the toxin all those years ago.
Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was an actor, but when he developed chronic laryngitis he realised that he was doing something wrong.
In the spring of 1995, Dalton suffered from what she thought was chronic laryngitis.
Present study shows commonest aetiological factor causing hoarseness of voice was malignancy of larynx and laryngopharynx (40%); laryngeal malignancy and laryngopharyngeal malignancies leading the table with 20% followed by benign tumours of the larynx 20%, acute laryngitis 16%, chronic laryngitis 16% and vocal cord paralysis 8%.
FRIDAY PAOLO NUTINI Paisley superstar finally makes it to SSE Hydro tonight and tomorrow after chronic laryngitis forced him to cancel his dates last year.
Contact endoscopy identified dysplastic vocal fold lesions in 4 patients and chronic laryngitis in 3; all 7 of these patients were smokers.
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