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Synonyms for alcoholism

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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Pancreatic duct obstruction is an aggravating factor in the canine model of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis.
He said: "It was extremely difficult growing up in family where my father was a chronic alcoholic, for a number of reasons.
The boy's 32-year-old mother suffered from mental health difficulties while his father, 49, was a chronic alcoholic.
The chronic alcoholic had fourand-a-half times the legal drinkdriving limit of alcohol in his system at the time of his arrest.
Mr McSorley said his client was "the most chronic alcoholic a court has dealt with in this district".
The emotional changes experienced by a long-term chronic alcoholic cover a broad spectrum.
A MAN who stabbed his partner 177 times because she was a nag was such a chronic alcoholic it amounted to "an abnormality of mind", a jury heard yesterday.
He said Cook had a chronic alcoholic father and started drinking himself at 15.
Would it be the chronic alcoholic, drug addict, person who is obese, etc?
Saunders, 39, described as a chronic alcoholic, of no fixed address, admitted being drunk in Wolverhampton city centre, but denied breaching the order.
Humble's counsel David Taylor told the judges that at the time of the first letter he was 22 and already a chronic alcoholic, drinking from the moment he woke up and during the day and night until he passed out.
A number of appointments and tests followed before the father-of-two died in February 2004 aged 45 from chronic alcoholic pancreatitis.
43] * To purchase and possess loaded firearms, including semiautomatic assault weapons, even if a court has declared you to be a chronic alcoholic [H.
Boneham, a chronic alcoholic, admitted a charge of burglary.
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