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the appearance of the chromosomal makeup of a somatic cell in an individual or species (including the number and arrangement and size and structure of the chromosomes)

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This is the first time that chromosome morphology of the genus Atta was classified by measurement, allowing an accurate comparison among similar karyotypes.
Robertsonian fusion and centric fission are unique in being readily identified in comparative karyotype studies since both result in concomitant changes in chromosome morphology and chromosome number.
Understanding the active chromosome and how chromosome morphology influences mitosis is pivotal to the understanding of novel routes to mitotic defects and causes for aneuploidy.
Similarities were also observed among these species regarding chromosome morphology and size, as most chromosomes are small and acrocentric.
2] with metacentric autosomes and acrocentric sex chromosomes; Srivastava & Shukla (1986) observed 2n = 25 = 12II + X but did not provide any information regarding chromosome morphology, and finally Parida & Sharma (1987) and Shar ma & Parida (1987) reported the presence of 2n = 23 = 11II + X, also with no description of chromosome morphology.
Later, morphometric analysis of karyotypes provided characterization of chromosome morphology based on centromeric position.
Chromosome numbers and chromosome morphology in Plantaginaceae.
This study describes an alternative imaging method to analyze the chromosome morphology and chromosomal DNA contents in molluscs, and represents an alternative approach to the lack of cell lines required in flow cytogenetics.