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the appearance of the chromosomal makeup of a somatic cell in an individual or species (including the number and arrangement and size and structure of the chromosomes)

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Fluorescent chromosome banding in the cultivated species of Capsicum (Solanaceae).
Puzachenko & Baklushinskaya (1997) described chromosome banding patterns in populations from Streletskaya and Kazatskaya steppes in the Kursk region, Russia.
Giemsa staining and fluorescent chromosome banding in some Vitis L.
However, recent cytogenetic studies on the genus Acromyrmex have revealed differences in the morphology and chromosome banding patterns in 7 species studied in Brazil and Panama (Barros 2010; Cristiano et al.
The interrelationships of chromosome banding patterns in canids, mustelids, hyena, and felids.
It is a tribute to Michael White's scientific honesty and open mindthathe promptly started to test predictions of Hewitt's model by experimental hybridization between PI 69 andPI96, which produced 'syntheticvirgo', and by chromosome banding, DNA replication patterns, repeated sequences, and RNA ribosomal cistrons (White et al.
Additional work such as chromosome banding and in-situ hybridization may determine the degree of similarity between these two karyotypes.
New techniques, such as amplification of minisatellite-region DNA (40) and short tandem repeat profiling, (41) which are faster and more precise than older techniques such as chromosome banding, have not been widely adopted in a standardized, universal fashion.
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Chromosome banding patterns of treefrogs (Hylidne) of the eastern United States.
By combining the techniques of chromosome banding and image analysis, we've begun to unfold some of the mysteries of alfalfa's complex genome," says Hossain.