quantum chromodynamics

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a theory of strong interactions between elementary particles (including the interaction that binds protons and neutrons in the nucleus)


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This way, there is no geometric point in our space that is merely embedded in it; rather it serves as a fundamental, fully geometric (and fully kinemetric) "ontometric meta-point" --constituting already fully geometric and intrinsic charge, mass, magnetic moment, and spin-curvature--for which the space, derived from it, is correspondingly emergent as a meta-space of geometrized fields--the "ontometric meta-space" of geometrically emergent and unified gravity, electromagnetism, chromodynamics, and superfluidity (matter) along with the fundamental properties of chronometricity, kinemetricity, and orthometricity.
These are generally theoretical meta-pictures where I have attempted a theoretical "ontometric" meta-continuum picture of cosmophysical reality aimed at unifying gravitation, electromagnetism, and chromodynamics on one hand, and superfluidity, chirality, spin-curvature, matter, and motion--self-realizably along with Zelmanov's chronometricity, kinemetricity, and orthometricity--on the other, as also independently and quintessentially alluded to in our works cited above.
They show interesting phenomena, but this is the sort of dynamics that quantum chromodynamic theory isn't equipped to handle yet.
The results highlight important details of proton behavior that theoretical physicists cannot yet explain on the basis of quantum chromodynamics, the current theory describing proton structure and behavior.