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English dramatist noted for his comic verse dramas (born 1907)


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The narrative story by Christopher Fry (who is from Maningrida, a remote town on the coast of central Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory and whose tribal group is Burarra) is perfectly enhanced with the heart-felt artwork of Delphine Sarago-Kendrick, a descendant of the Yidinji and Jirrbal people of far north Queensland.
The Lady's Not for Burning, Globe Theatre, London (May 1949)Richard played the orphaned clerk in this period comedy by Christopher Fry.
In a sermon preached in Toronto recently, Archbishop Peers quoted the British poet Christopher Fry in describing the residential schools crisis as an affair that is "soul size.
We continue to broadly maintain our previous forecasts for France, given that operating metrics among French mobile operators moved in line with previous quarters' trends for 2Q08," said Christopher Fry, Principal Research Associate at IEMR.
The side story of drunken Christopher Fry is hilarious, thanks to Nick Holder's baggy underpants performance.
The play by Jean Anouilth and adapted by Christopher Fry is directed by Sue Brackenbury.
He is about to hand over to his publishers a prose book about music and has also been asked to spend a month at the Royal National Theatre to work on Giraudoux's famous drama The Trojan War Won't Happen (translated by Christopher Fry as Tiger At The Gates).
Poet Christopher Fry wrote a birthday sonnet specially for the veteran actor and guests included Sir Derek Jacobi and Felicity Lott.
The latest quarterly trends show a strong increase in ARPU while continuing increases in subscriber growth numbers," said Christopher Fry, Principal Research Associate at IEMR.
It's by an artist called Christopher Fry from 1730.
2005: British playwright Christopher Fry, whose work included The Lady's Not For Burning, died on this day
Christopher Fry, 27, died after taking a cocktail of drugs on Christmas Eve last year.
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