Christopher Carson

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United States frontiersman who guided Fremont's expeditions in the 1840s and served as a Union general in the American Civil War (1809-1868)

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Duty manager Christopher Carson said: "We have had to close down all the facility.
Christopher Carson, CEO of Constellation Europe, has announced that he is to retire within six months.
The big challenge in the UK is to encourage wine drinkers to trade up to the 6 to 15 bracket, according to Christopher Carson, chief executive of Constellation Europe.
It comes after Christopher Carson, chief executive of Constellation Europe, which has Hardys and Stowells, said the company planned to move away from price promotions and attack the 6 [pounds sterling]-10 [pounds sterling] bracket next year (The Grocer, Nov 20, p69).
Constellation Europe chief executive Christopher Carson told The Grocer: "I see Mondavi fitting our company like hand to glove.
A premium brand called Orchard Reserve, using fruit from a single orchard, is being launched with two more top-end ciders due next spring, which Constellation Europe chief executive Christopher Carson said would "add a new dimension to the category".
Chief executive Christopher Carson said the launch of Turner Road built on the one million-plus case success of Californian brands Echo Falls, Paul Masson and Seventh Moon and would "spearhead the attack" for share of the Californian sector.
Constellation Wines Europe and Matthew Clark are being renamed Constellation Europe, with Christopher Carson, current CEO of Constellation Wines Europe, taking the top job.
Christopher Carson, CEO of global giant Constellation Wines, says the direction of marketing behind its brands is being reviewed, with further developments expected next year.
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