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festive season


Synonyms for Christmas

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Very Christmasy indeed - and a rich, full mouthful that certainly gives the turkey a basting on the tasting front.
It was though a bit of a Christmasy game, especially in the first half.
Natural items such as fir cones can be sprayed and added to table decorations for a burst of colour Add a simple Christmasy touch by putting small sprigs of holly on picture frames Turn your Christmas cards into a garland by wiring them together
The Precinct has plenty of white lights, but where were the warm Christmasy colours?
The leader of song, sporting a Christmasy red and gold scarf, approaches the microphone, guitar slung over her shoulder, folk-style.
Spruce trees were stacked along his curb and around the horse fountain, and I liked to walk between the rows of trees to smell the smell and get the Christmasy feeling.
It makes you feel very Christmasy and gets you into the mood.
They come in brightly colored packages, so that's Christmasy, right?
Is there anything that feels more Christmasy than Baroque music?
While some people might dig out their Christmas jewelry or Christmasy clothing to wear to the service, the church won't be decked with Christmas red and greenery.
Actually, the doctor is the yuletide decorator to the rich and famous, or just the busy and overworked who are willing to pay more than most families spend on their entire Christmas gift list to have a crew of ``elves'' add a Christmasy touch to the house.