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Synonyms for Christmas

festive season


Synonyms for Christmas

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Visitors of all ages will enjoy the chance to raise the roof of the museum's 18th-Century Pen-Rhiw Chapel, with a Christmassy sing-song to remember at the St Fagans Songsheet event.
The episode serious but is delightfully Christmassy ever" MIRANDA HART "It's funny how quickly Call The Midwife has been accepted as an established Christmas Day tradition," laughs Stephen McGann, (Dr Patrick Turner).
Plans are already well under way among our team to bring that Christmassy magic to each of the designer outlets to help shoppers get into the festive spirit - we can't wait to reveal the finished results to the British public.
They were obviously looking forward to spending some Christmassy time together in the sun.
I know it causes traffic chaos, but gazing at that fluffy white stuff makes me feel so darned Christmassy.
The hotel, in the Mall of the Emirates, is hosting its annual 'Afternoon Tea with Santa' event in its Christmassy Aspen lobby.
Rich and moisturising and made with honey, it wafts a lovely Christmassy scent.
Young visitors to this cute, cozy, and Christmassy spot can look forward to Santa's personalized stories and answers to questions like "How does Santa get up and down my chimney?
Why, oh why, you ask (should you be melodramatic, or optimistic, enough to ask questions of poor, dumb printed pages), in the blithe, spring-like month of April, am I writing about The Nutcracker, that most wintry and Christmassy of balletic occasions?
The remainder gave various reasons, including that online shopping was not a Christmassy way to shop and that they did not have a credit card.
We are asking Examiner readers to make their dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, budgie or even their goldfish look as Christmassy as possible, take a photo and then share them with us.
Gorgeous little muffins that are both delicious and Christmassy.
There's nothing to get you feeling Christmassy more than a festive market, is there?
All the wintery scenes and the snow makes me feel Christmassy.
Mike adds: "The winter season is a great time to come and enjoy our surroundings, which have recently been given that Christmassy feel, and our winter inspired tea menu offers something a little different that we know our guests will enjoy.