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a card expressing a Christmas greeting

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The Christmas letter author needs a director's eye and a film editor's willingness to leave hours of the story on the cutting-room floor.
We [sent] a festive Christmas letter to business associates explaining this and listing the organizations we donated to.
My wife could hide those, and I'd never hunt for them, especially the Christmas letter we receive each December from Tom, a kid I went to high school with and haven't seen in 30 years, but who still wants me to know what a wild success he's become.
She reads a Christmas letter that Verna hasn't had strength enough to open.
The fourth, a short Christmas letter, was filled with happiness and was signed "Harry and Lou.
Their single A Soldier's Christmas Letter will also donate 25p from every sale to charity.
My favorite Christmas letter came from a friend who said, frankly, it hadn't been a great year and dared to explain why.
In her Christmas letter in 2000 Linda wrote, "On the furry front, Tatinanna is now over fifteen-years-old, and she has been miraculously battling kidney disease for the past two and one-half years.
S&N chief executive John Dunsmore said in a Christmas letter to staff that he was "not interested in pursuing a course of action that defends S&N's independence at all costs so if the consortium comes up with a thumping great offer then we may have to talk".
The Christmas letter thanks the prominent Christians who responded positively to the group's first letter - published on Oct.
Needless to say, the family's annual Christmas letter will be a little confusing this year.
I was thinking about him again this week as I read his Christmas letter.
The Christmas Letter by Kevin Prochaska is heartwarming novel depicting the story of Viola Martin and her unexpectedly friendship with her inquisitive and poky grandson Jimmy.
Dear Everyone, First of all, please forgive me for not getting this Christmas letter to you sooner.
Therefore, the first and last paragraphs in each Christmas letter dated 1874-1885 come from my imagination.