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tropical American plant having poisonous milk and showy tapering usually scarlet petallike leaves surrounding small yellow flowers

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THE flower of the holy night, or the Christmas flower, has got a special connection with s the Christmas celebrations.
Shirley Horticultural Society, which has organised the event, said Mr Ranson's talk could cover a range of topics from trees, wreaths and plants to Christmas flowers and how to care for greenery over winter.
There are in-depth features on bonsai, orchids, bromeliads, Christmas flowers, herbs and many more.
99, covers not only the old favourites but the many plants that have become popular in recent years, with special features on bonsai, orchids, bromeliads, Christmas flowers, herbs and many more.
Interflora says you should order Christmas flowers as far in advance as possible but guarantees delivery on all orders placed by 11am on December 24.
A demonstration of Christmas Flowers was given by Ann Evans.
She says the trick is to have a small seasonal touch throughout - "whether it's a bunch of Christmas flowers - I love Snowberry, Amaryllis or delicate Freesia - or a collection of fir cones and baubles in a bowl on a shelf".
I haven't yet ordered my Christmas flowers as normal as we're not sure what the demand will be.
There are, of course, live Christmas trees, greenery, poinsettias, and Christmas flowers, and they also have a large selection of permanent trees.
We expect orders for Christmas Flowers by Post to increase another 30% over last year.
The Christmas flowers UK delivery service is extremely popular with consumers outside the UK who wish to send flowers and gifts to friends and loved ones living in Britain.
And, as an extra gift, you will also get a fine glass vase - perfect for some beautiful Christmas flowers.