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a card expressing a Christmas greeting

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Until January 8, people can recycle their Christmas cards via an in-store collection point which will be near the customer service desk.
The first Christmas cards were commissioned by Sir Henry Cole in 1843.
What is really interesting is that of all the cards we send over the year - such as for birthdays, weddings, get well cards or those to express sympathy following the death of a loved one - approximately 45% will be Christmas cards.
Why not get a few thousand Christmas cards printed this year?
Earnings from the sale of Christmas cards would be used to rebuild houses, under the 'Give A Roof This Christmas' project organized by friends and relatives of lawyer Mabel Villarica-Mamba, wife of Cagayan Gov.
The stamps were crafted by Manchester based artist, Helen Musselwhite, using paper cut-outs which were then photographed The tradition of sending Christmas cards was established in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, when just 1,000 of them were produced
The winner of each category will receive a PS30 gift voucher for themselves, a packet of the Christmas cards depicting their design, one day's free admittance to the 2016 Royal Welsh Winter Fair to receive their prizes and a PS50 cheque for their school.
There's a host of charities, local and nationally, which produce collections of Christmas cards to raise money for their causes and stores which sell them for other charities, too, many of which research an everwidening range of conditions and illnesses.
At least 70p of every pound spent on Diabetes UK Christmas cards in the shops will be given directly to the charity.
Back in the '80s Robert Kardashian was in the Christmas cards before he and Kris divorced.
CHRISTMAS cards are starting to drop through letterboxes and there are plenty of festive jobs to do.
DAN: I try not to send Christmas cards, my friends think I'm actually scrooge trying not to get involved in Christmas, but I will normally buy a small pack of charity cards to send to close friends, while I prefer to make a donation of the money I would have spent on cards and help some of the animals while hopefully trying to save some trees at the same time.
A WEEK spent at sea has inspired pupils at Excelsior Academy in the West End of Newcastle to design their own Christmas cards.
She said: "Too many people are just sending e-mails and things like that instead of Christmas cards.
Christmas cards continue to be one of the category's strongest segments, data from the Greeting Card Association (GCA) shows.