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epiphytic cactus of Brazilian ancestry widely cultivated as a houseplant having jointed flat segments and usually rose-purple flowers that bloom in winter

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The Christmas cactus is almost foolproof for propagation.
My Christmas cactus Schlumbergera Truncata is in full flower right now and frustratingly its never in bloom at Christmas despite altering its watering and light regime.
The Christmas cactus is usually called a Schlumbergera and has bright pink flowers, while the Easter cactus usually has the Latin name Hatiora and has red or occasionally white flowers.
If you want your Christmas cactus to bloom over the festive season, pot it up a size now and start to moisten the soil.
Finally, if you have still got any time and energy left, those tender perennials that you put outside in June may well be needing some indoor protection now that the nights have cooled off - exotic palms, citrus trees, Christmas cactus and many more besides do not like our cooler northern climate at this time of year.
QI have had a Christmas cactus for more than 20 years but it needs repotted and cut back.
7 The completed everyday names of the indoor plants are: Amaryllis, Christmas Cactus and Busy Lizzie.
Do the same for cyclamen and Christmas cactus but keep them in a cool room (maximum 16C).
My Christmas Cactus didn't flower this year and my Venus Flytrap is looking less than frightening.
I want to say to her: Did the thief also take that Christmas cactus, that botanical bully that sits on our deck like a hippo in a wading pool, like something you might see in Jurassic Park?
It almost goes without saying the most common plants shuffled around during the holidays are the poinsettia, the Christmas cactus, amaryllis, rosemary, and Norfolk pine.
Display a large Christmas cactus by itself, preferably on a pedestal so the branches can dangle.
Mistletoe, holly berries, and Christmas cactus are poisonous if swallowed.
BEST OF THE BUNCH - Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) IN their native homes, these forest cacti are attached to trees in woodlands and jungles, but in the UK you generally buy them in a much more sterilised environment, in bud in November, waiting to burst into bloom in colours of white, pink, red or purple.
After holiday display, you can force a Christmas cactus to bloom in much the same way as a poinsettia; provide dark nights starting around October 1.