Christmas bells

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any of several plants of the genus Blandfordia having large orange or crimson flowers

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Ring Christmas Bells is a live recording celebrating the holiday spirit with jubilation, featuring classic Christmas songs infused with the love and devotion of the performers.
DING Dong Merrily, Christmas Bells, Jingle Bells, you just can't get away from bells this week.
The airline will be providing First Class passengers with gifts such as miniature Christmas bells and toy "Andy Warhol" clocks.
If you need ideas for delicious Stollen centrepieces or variations on the humble mince pie we have ways of blending the company's Delifruit Rum and Raisin with custards, liqueurs and unusual toppings that are guaranteed to ring your customer's Christmas bells.
I warn you, Rod, that's not Christmas bells you can hear jingling - it's alarm bells.
Telling juxtapositions abounded, with a reading of Longfellow's Christmas Bells (written during the American Civil war) followed by Samuel Barber's setting of the Agn us Dei which rose in an unbroken arc to its beautiful climax at the word "peace".
Cowell - whose record company BMG signed the winner - said the song had "a few Christmas bells in it.
She has served on the Domestic Violence Council and the Valley Oasis Amigas; the Salvation Army advisory board, for whom she rang Christmas bells from 1972 to 1985; and as charter director of the Agencies Council for Emergency Services (ACES).
On the promotional side, Christmas Bells and Candy Canes are priced at $29.
Dressed in smart suits, they opened the show with festive medley Christmas Bells before taking us through some OMA favourites.
In time, they incorporated Christmas bells, bushes and orchids.
Stay Another Day included Christmas bells towards the end of the song to give it a Christmassy feel and appeal to the lucrative Christmas singles market.
Aries March 21 - April 20 Plans are being made for wedding and Christmas bells to be ringing out in joyful unison.