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festive season


Synonyms for Christmas

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We decided to have a country Christmas, without any help from town.
Rachel that a college graduate of the younger generation could make a Christmas plum pudding properly; but she bestowed approval on Anne's house.
But even watched pots will boil in the fulness of time, and finally Christmas day came, gray and dour and frost-bitten without, but full of revelry and rose-red mirth within.
That's a Christmas present for you, Anne," said Matthew shyly.
Even half a year of the sausage machines and the fertilizer mill had not been able to kill the thought of Christmas in them; there was a choking in Jurgis' throat as he recalled that the very night Ona had not come home Teta Elzbieta had taken him aside and shown him an old valentine that she had picked up in a paper store for three cents--dingy and shopworn, but with bright colors, and figures of angels and doves.
On Christmas eve, accordingly, they began their rude fetes and rejoicings.
What's Christmas time to you but a time for paying bills without money; a time for finding yourself a year older, but not an hour richer; a time for balancing your books and having every item in `em through a round dozen of months presented dead against you?
But now, upo' Christmas-day, this blessed Christmas as is ever coming, if you was to take your dinner to the bakehus, and go to church, and see the holly and the yew, and hear the anthim, and then take the sacramen', you'd be a deal the better, and you'd know which end you stood on, and you could put your trust i' Them as knows better nor we do, seein' you'd ha' done what it lies on us all to do.
She felt petty and awkward, and her meditations on Christmas grew more cynical.
During this first Christmas vacation I went some distance from the town to visit the people on one of the large plantations.
Everybody knows what a Christmas dinner is, so we need waste no words in describing this one, but hasten at once to tell what happened at the end of it.
Dell," said he, "let's put our Christmas presents away and keep 'em a while.
Jo was the first to wake in the gray dawn of Christmas morning.
Weller,' replied Emma; 'we always have on Christmas Eve.
Philip wrote back that he would like nothing better, only he had already an engagement to spend Christmas with friends in the country, and he did not see how he could break it.