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resembling or showing the spirit of Christ


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Stone challenges the reader to move beyond a rational theology--behavioral theology to a relational experience that will result in Christlikeness.
Thus, interventions encouraging virtues that imitate Christlikeness may be constructed and put into practice by all individuals.
It will also emphasize outcomes such as God's power being made perfect in one's weakness (2 Cor 12:9,10), brokenness, humility, and spiritual growth into deeper Christlikeness rather than greater independence and self-reliance (Tan, 2013).
Christlikeness demands action on behalf of the kingdom of God to bring others into community.
Shaw takes a mediatory stance on the much-debated question of whether Stowe's use of this rhetoric is conservative, radical, or subversive, and finally asserts that its complexity facilitates a positive reading of the character of Uncle Tom, whose Christlikeness is "difficult to separate from the Christlikeness of good mothers.
Giving others space to employ their God-given faculties to contemplate him and religion and demonstrating Christlikeness and its reasonableness in words and deeds is the way that true Christians should live.
This embodiment of Christlikeness is manifested within the constraints of human limitations or infirmities (Mann, 2006).
Becky Dvorak combines personal experiences, Biblical teaching, and practical examples from the powerful testimonies of everyday people to illustrate how to walk in the reality of the miraculous, while growing in Christlikeness.
A biblical perspective on posttraumatic growth will therefore emphasize the outcomes of brokenness, humility, and deeper Christlikeness, rather than greater strength and self-confidence.
Whether used as an individual or small group Bible study, participants will strengthen their faith, grow in Christlikeness, and experience life changing transformation.
As Christians demonstrate characteristics of Christlikeness through service, love, self-sacrifice and overall oneness with Him and with other believers, then the world is led to believe.
His concept of Christlikeness and his distinction between belief and faith anticipate the work of Wilfred Cantwell Smith, who studied at the Henry Martyn School in 1940 and was later an associate staff member.
14) A service begins with a call to corporate worship, an invitation to insiders and outsiders alike to join in the narrative of God's redeeming love and to be formed over time with repeated engagement toward Christlikeness.
While the Bible teaches that we are created in the image of God (Gen 1:26-27) and have the potential to be somewhat like God in our character, we must humbly accept our sinful nature that needs transformation into deeper Christlikeness (Rom.
Our own personal daily walk with God, and spiritual formation into deeper Christlikeness (Rom.