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adapt in the name of Christianity

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convert to Christianity


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Thus Innokentii sought to Christianize Crimea, not through efforts of converting Muslims to Christianity, but rather by re-interpreting and reclaiming the landscape itself for Christianity.
Although Prosperi addresses the deep Lucretian sympathies of Vettori and Speroni, her emphasis falls heavily on the increasingly urgent need to justify the poetic enterprise and on the efforts to normalize and Christianize Lucretius.
Red Jacket was a Seneca Nation orator who declined, on behalf of his people, an effort to Christianize them.
A friend recently returned from Iraq says that while Iraqis welcomed Saddam's exit, many of them also thought the Americans and British were in their country to Christianize it, while the International Herald Tribune reported a rumour passing among Iraqis that Jewish prostitutes had flown into Iraq to infect the country with Aids
Residential schools, which were authorized by the federal government and operated by several Christian missionary bodies, were designed to Christianize, assimilate and train Native children for economic self sufficiency.
Guissani, whose motive was to Christianize modernism rather than to modernize Christianity.
I heard myself saying, aloud: Number four, in the light of numbers one through three, as I have just demonstrated, Your Honor--God, that is--we have no choice but to take all the islands and govern the people to the best of our ability, to educate and civilize them and to Christianize them--and in my sudden certitude, I knew that God was speaking to and through me, and that we would all of us do our best by them, or our fellow men for whom Christ also died.
depict throughout the continued efforts to Christianize the colony and promote "moral" behavior.
Ramos then turns to several chapters on Spanish efforts to Christianize native mortuary practices in the decades following conquest.
The Spaniards rounded up the Tongva, put them to work at their missions and ranchos and sought to Christianize and Europeanize the tribe.