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conversion to Christianity

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As recent studies of western Christianization have indicated, we are certainly far from a developed "theology" of mission in these centuries.
3) To what extent did the Christianization of the slaves and free people of color help create a common creole culture, or did the persistence of African religion among the oppressed, and the allegiance of the free colored to the European missionary chapels, maintain "Two Jamaicas,"(4) or even Three Jamaicas, in a state of continuing conflict?
Chapter 3 examines the role of rural estates in the Christianization of the countryside in the West, persuasively challenging earlier scholarship that presumed that the bishops and local clergy were the primary force for spreading Christian practice.
Then she considers those aspects of pre-Christian religion in Ireland that bear on the Navigatio, particularly aspects of Celtic 'otherworld' mythology, making the point that many elements of pagan thought survived Christianization, and were indeed deliberately seized on by missionaries where they could help to bridge the gap between the old and the new religions.
After a preface that outlines the state of the scholarship on the Christianization of marriage in the West, chapter 1, "The Battle of this Life," explores how the battle motif entrenched in late antique culture filtered into Christian literature.
Among her topics are popular intuitions, Christian doctrines, and epidemic disease; Gregory the Great and the English mission, the living and the dead in Anglo-Saxon paganism, the diffusion of Christianity and the establishment of the Anglo-Saxon church, problems with Christianization and responses to it, and how Christian Anglo-Saxon England really was about 700.
Approaches to Christianization Among the Ewe People of Ghana.
While Christianization, Hispanization, and civilization interlock uneasily, it is the last of these, with its specifically European dictates, that gains effective preeminence.
Central to her analysis is the history of the spatial mode of organizing power, particularly the longstanding and increasing separation of the "democratic inland" from the "primitive coast," and the ways the fishers constituted themselves as subjects of rights in relation to historical processes of caste formation, Christianization, state making, and capitalist transformation.
Apologetic literature (and particularly the post-Constantinian texts that are the focus of Kahlos's study), moreover, presents a triumphalist historical narrative of Christianization that influences modern understandings of the history of late ancient religions.
Thus he sees Christianization as a process in which a universally conceived "organized religion" is realized as a locally practised "community religion.
The second chapter proceeds to describe the arrival of the Europeans and the practices, institutions, and methods employed in the Christianization of the inhabitants.
Konstanz, Germany) present 12 papers examining the Christianization of Roman antiquity through the theme of "from temple to church," a theme that encompasses examining the destruction of pagan temples as historical events of conflict, as discourse, and as surviving monuments in which Christian sacral topography was put in the place of pagan sacral topography.
1) This project of Christianization did have a positive result, for in Latin America today Christianity is not considered a foreign religion, and the preaching of the Gospel is not only accepted but even desired.
Rist brings to the topic of Augustine's Christianization of ancient philosophy a profound knowledge of ancient thought.