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Also welcome are the appendices, which carry a statistical table of the comparative numbers of religious adherents in each of the Asian countries, and the extensive select bibliography on Christianity in Asia.
Modern mega-churches are especially guilty of watering down Christianity to make it more appealing to mass audiences.
While largely a reference to the surge in converts to Christianity, a similar fever was occurring among intellectuals who were interested in the academic study of the religion.
Or one might ask why "The Globalizing Impulse in Christianity" section stops after two excellent essays on the period between World War I and World War II and does not include an essay on late twentieth-century or current globalizing issues in contemporary Christianity, the overall topic of the book.
The book traces the beginnings of American Christianity to the European Reformation and New England Puritans and also identifies indigenous factors, such as the Amerindian religions, slavery and confessional pluralism, in the evolution of American Christianity.
50 percent perceive Christianity to be judgmental, hypocritical, and too political.
Stark presents archeological and historical evidence as well as quantitative data to build a case about the early rise and spread of Christianity that in many ways differs from other prevailing theories.
These two individuals, Augustus and Jesus, living nearly contemporaneously with each other in the same political system, influenced the future of Christianity and the Roman world" (p.
Paolucci: The first problem was to find Muslims converted to Christianity.
Making a case for Christianity is not an easy sell nowadays, and no one knows that better than Timothy Radcliffe, O.
A slew of Religious Right organizations have filed legal briefs opposing Americans United's position in an Iowa case challenging taxpayer funding of a prison program anchored in evangelical Christianity.
As a self-proclaimed "evangelical liberal," Fosdick saw himself as an apologist working to make Christianity palpable to individuals living in a modern world.
The book explicitly and falsely states that Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular are anti-woman and anti-sex, and further, that the whole Christian story is a fable.
Always they struggled to find an audience for their idea of a critical, progressive Christianity.