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By starting with a brief overview of the previous 19 centuries and then showing what Christianity was like around 1910, Sunquist sets up the subtitle themes of "reversal" and "transformation.
Goldinger, who has been handling a group of 20 people looking to be baptized in the Christian faith, said many of the refugees looking to convert have turned to Christianity after witnessing the horrors of terrorism in the (http://www.
Lurbe draws attention to Toland's use of the Gospel of Barnabas to reconstruct early Christianity and also notes Toland's claim that there were two sorts of Christians, Jews and Gentiles.
The volume serves as a fascinating snapshot of the vibrant academic discourse on Christianity in China today and provides provocative insights for researchers in missions and world Christianity.
The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia, edited by Felix Wilfred, one of Asia's outstanding scholars and thinkers, will therefore be received with great enthusiasm by those working in these fields of study, as well as by anyone who wishes to have an informed understanding of Christianity in Asia.
Whiteness and Christianity were not yet mutually engrained.
This work argues that the history of late antique Africa and the origins of Nubian Christianity have received little attention by Africanists and have been virtually ignored by Africana historians.
The work, which took five years of research, explores the three centuries when Christianity overtook Greek paganism to become the faith of the Roman Empire, from the birth of the Galilean, Jesus Christ, to the death of the Emperor Julian - the "Goose" who failed to restore Greek pagan religion.
Both volumes reflect the interest of scholars over the course of the past forty years on popular Christianity, parish Christianity, and practiced Christianity.
This latest volume in Cambridge's History of Christianity is devoted to the 500-year period which saw 'the consolidation of ancient Christianity's achievements and dramatic new developments'.
Fortress Introduction to the History of Christianity in the United States.
CHERIE BLAIR believes the future of Christianity is at risk because women followers are being marginalised from speaking their views.
How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind: Recovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity.
It also tackles the subject of what precisely Christianity is in a scholarly manner.
The poll of 16- to 29-year-old Christians suggests the younger generation exhibits a greater degree of criticism toward Christianity than did previous generations when they were that age: