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the capital and largest city of Norway

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At about the same time, a music ensemble, called Harzverein, came to Christiania to entertain there and other places in Norway.
Christiania is thus one of the greatest tourist attractions in Copenhagen, and abroad it is a well- known " brand" for the supposedly progressive and liberated Danish lifestyle.
The community of Christiania consists of some 1,000 residents, and many of them are artists.
The people of Christiania, who often don't trust the police, have not been able to keep these gangs out, which has let to violent incidents between different gangs, Lund said.
It was once known as Christiania, after a Danish king, but changed to its Viking name in 1925.
We stayed in a characterful, traditional hotel, all wood panelling and coziness - Le Christiania, at La Salle les Alpes, which even has its own small spa, is right in the middle of the ski area.
Christiania is facing both an existential and a property rights crisis, with an aging population of '60s counterculturalists battling a less tolerant and increasingly antagonistic national government that sees great untapped value in the commune's waterfront land.
Christiania was founded in 1971 when a group of hippies took over an area of abandoned military barracks and developed their own set of rules, completely independent of the Danish government.
According to my cousin Jesper (an excellent source), Freetown Christiania is a neighborhood in Copenhagen that hippies took over in the '70s as if they were the mafia, and turned it into a self-governing commune.
The urban design competition will focus on developing Klovermarken--a 140-hectare site located a mile southeast of the city centre, separated only by the formal navy dockyards that has been transformed into a creative quarter for the City--including the internationally recognised 'freetown' of Christiania.
We judged with Maloney, Dave Andelman of "Phantom Gourmet" and Danielle Keating, area manager for Christiania Vodka, sponsor of the event with the Chateau.
Christiania has had to make some compromises over the years, mainly to forestall government threats to bulldoze it and thereby vainly attempt to eradicate a source of left political and social movements.
The same is true of Christiania Whitehead's essay on Middle English religious lyrics, which also explores the narrative and visual affinities of many, and their varied material contexts: not just lyrics scribbled in the margins of other manuscripts, but such profoundly unmodern accompaniments to the 'literary' text as reckonings of how many years off Purgatory will be won by frequent recitals of particular lyrics.
The Banking Administration in Christiania, the 31st of August, 1825".
Officially, Christiania is anarchist, so it might be inaccurate to describe it as a state.