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I do not suggest that pneumatology cannot be a helpful aid to understanding non-Christian religious traditions, but I remind readers that pneumatology can be just as helpful (as a matter of degree, albeit differently) as Christology and other topics in Christian theology only because all are historically and contextually situated.
Facing these disastrous ideological distortions of what truly constitutes humanity the public relevance and role of Christian theology has become even more manifest and obvious after the recent horrible Utoya massacre, as everybody has become aware how much we need (and cannot just take for granted) solid ethical values in society and good theological reflections on the religious foundations of peaceful coexistence in our country and much beyond.
Chapter 2: A Tale of Two Cities is a discussion of some of the strengths and weaknesses of psychological science and Christian theology leading to the conclusion that when there is conflict between the two, it is not always wise to simply default to the 'truth' of one over the other.
The Inner Word in Gadamer's Hermeneutics is an impressive work of scholarship, and should be of interest not only to Gadamer scholars, but also to those looking to foster dialogue between contemporary hermeneutics and Christian theology.
As I learned at the conference by watching a particularly intense exchange between Soulen and another New Testament scholar, the New Paul reading, like most scholarly paradigms, has many variations, some much more radical than what I presented above and all with significant implications for Christian theology and Jewish-Christian relations.
Economics separated from Christian theology in the mid 19th century in Britain and in the early 20th century in America) Since theologically based ethics was the only game in town at that time the separation from theology meant economics lost its ethical framework.
Ecologies of Grace: Environmental Ethics and Christian Theology by Willis J.
Yale University in Connecticut are to offer students a course in Christian theology and Harry Potter.
The author is a lecturer of Christian theology at the University of Wales.
There is a good principle in Christian theology that revelation comes to an end with the death of the last Apostle,'' he said.
5) More importantly, he has also pointed out some of the "weaknesses in the particular details of the SSQ program: The program leaders were all Christians, and the center that administered the program had a particular interest in Christian theology.
Written by a research professor of Christian theology, A Concise Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion is a meticulous compilation of theological terms, notable historical figures, belief systems, logical terminology, and much more.
Examples of ordinary people's experiences gently invite readers to a deeper and more holistic understanding of Christian theology and practice, one that recognizes the centrality of the body in each.
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