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The role of Jesus Christ in contemporary Christian spirituality is often downplayed or misrepresented.
This article is adapted and edited from Charles Tensham's forthcoming book, A Missional Christian Spirituality for the Emerging Church: The Journey to the Nations and for the Earth.
This new dictionary stands as a very distinctive and unique reference work on all aspects of Christian spirituality today.
In any case, what is perhaps needed at this point is to rise above current polemic about Mel Gibson's movie, which has generated polemic about the book, and locate both the movie and the book in the large historical context of Christian spirituality.
Our writers explore the rich history of Baptist spirituality and pose some suggestions and thoughts for what the cultivation of Christian spirituality can do for the life of Baptist Christianity.
Nine authors, under the general editorship of Gordon Mursell, have surveyed the history of Christian spirituality from its biblical beginnings down to the present day.
It is a sign of our times that a book on the history of Christianity is called The Story of Christian Spirituality.
Ryan, after a survey of current studies in spirituality, explores in summary fashion Haughton's theology, methodology, anthropology, key theological concepts, and approach to significant issues in Christian spirituality today.
In his rejoinder to Kung and other critics, Abe admits that his interpretation is inspired by Buddhism, but he claims that it is in accord with Christian spirituality.
Simpson denounced racial injustice and lauded Christian spirituality on Tuesday night, telling cheering or jeering Oxford students that he has discovered a new religious faith.
He outlines a vibrant, liturgical Christian spirituality by marshalling a vast storehouse of ecclesial tradition to illuminate the key passages from the 16 documents of the Second Vatican Council.
I Am Not But I Know I Am" is a strong pick for Christian spirituality collections, highly recommended.
It blends Christian spirituality and insights with autobiography and musical passion, telling readers how to connect with their spiritual and musical sides.
A powerful read for those who want to cherish their prayers for their lives, "Straight from the Heart" is a strong and much recommended pick for community library Christian spirituality collections.
A popular writer on Christian spirituality, Underhill (1875-1941) looks at the nature and principles of worship and the chief forms they take in Christianity.
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