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Intensive Training in Christian Spirituality is written for those who are seeking a deeper level of the presence of the Lord in their lives.
Marked" is a strong addition to any self-help and Christian spirituality collection, recommended.
For an incarnational religion such as Christianity the somatic element of our humanity is a major constituent of any rounded Christian spirituality, one well represented in modern art (and increasingly so), but which is largely absent from this stimulating and provocative book.
Benner notes that love is the summum bonum--the supreme good--in most major world religions, but notes that it is particularly in Christian spirituality that we see love elevated to the highest place.
In light of the ambiguity of many contemporary forms of spiritual seeking, we should call attention to the relevance of Christian mystical traditions as a source for envisioning and vitalizing an authentic contemporary Christian spirituality.
I am not alone in longing for a Sabbath; in recent years a bumper crop of thoughtful books about Christian Sabbath-keeping have appeared, and almost every time I give a lecture or lead a workshop on something pertaining to Christian spirituality, someone in the audience asks me about Shabbat.
The work of ecumenism, therefore, is rooted in the foundations of Christian spirituality.
Markham charges the latter with having an incomplete view of Christian spirituality, one that is excessively inward-oriented, individualistic, and detached from broader societal concerns.
This volume is one of a series edited by Philip Sheldrake on Traditions of Christian Spirituality.
Implied here is the necessary basis for such a change, in deep knowledge of Ojibwa spirituality as well as Christian spirituality.
I rang the church office and the woman said it was because yoga was related to a spirituality unrelated to Christian spirituality, which is ridiculous.
African-American Christian spirituality emphasizes victory over oppression and death and views suffering as redemptive.
Simultaneously, he establishes a secondary, very different thesis--that the sort of spiritual reading he advocates is in fact the proper foundation for any expression of Christian spirituality.
Minding the Spirit: The Study of Christian Spirituality.
Biblical Christianity is profoundly spiritual--but Christian spirituality is an expression of Christian truth, not its substitute.
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