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The campaign comprises about 400 American member groups, including the leading Christian denominations, as well as human rights groups, large and small.
This new religious movement (adopting its name in 1931) departs from key traditional Christian doctrines and practices and disassociates itself from all main Christian denominations.
Jehovah's Witnesses, a Christian denomination whose distinct beliefs are based on their interpretations of the Bible, do not observe Christmas, Easter or other holidays and customs observed by mainstream Christianity.
And the cottage industry of talks and workshops that developed in churches of every Christian denomination as an outgrowth of The Da Vinci Code book might well be poised for a second act, or, at least, a curtain call.
Examining the tradition of the Lord's Supper from the Apostolic Era to Medieval times to the modern day, and changes in the doctrine as seen among a wide variety of Christian churches including Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Anabaptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, and many more, Take Eat, Take Drink is both a thoughtful study and an excellent prepration read if one is about to participate in the Lord's Supper with a Christian denomination with practices that one is unfamiliar with.
They are also the first Christian denomination to join the divestment campaign being waged on campuses and elsewhere against the Jewish State.
In April 1997, by the way, Friends of Public Education asked the United Nations Human Rights Committee for a ruling on the legality, under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, of public funding in Ontario for the schools of one Christian denomination rather than treating all children equally in a single integrated public school system.
About 50 years ago, I, a staunch member of another Christian denomination, married an Anglican and became a reluctant member of his communion, with little knowledge or appreciation of Anglicanism.
The list also shows numerous grants to the Salvation Army, an evangelical Christian denomination noted for evangelism as well as social work.
The Greek Orthodox community is the largest Christian denomination in the Holy Land.
of Wolverhampton, England) provides a reference to the Christian denomination that he says has generated more controversy and created more enemies than any other.
It follows claims that the CofE has been overtaken by the Roman Catholic Church as the country's dominant Christian denomination.
The Cathedral of Hope in Dallas rocked the largest gay Christian denomination in the United States on July 27 when it announced it would sever ties with the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, based in Los Angeles.
The Church of England, the mother church of the Anglican Communion, the world's third-largest Christian denomination, invested about $78 million in 2007, before real estate values in New York and elsewhere began to plummet.
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