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a cross with the lowest arm being longer than the others

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The Christian cross which makes up this corridor is growing bigger with the passing of each day.
A co-plaintiff has also demanded that a Christian cross be taken off the wall of the courtroom, citing the separation of Church and state.
PETERSBURG (CyHAN)- A wooden Orthodox Christian cross has been chopped down in the Altai region of Siberia, police said.
One, which banned the eating of tomatoes on the grounds that when they are cut open they look like a Christian cross, was dismissed as "absurd" and "unintelligent" by one Islamist party.
The book is divided into three parts, the first ("Image and Emblem") dealing with the "planar design" of the Christian cross on the page, the second ("Meaning and Word") with the "oral or textual understanding of the cross s lexical or allegorical implications," the third ( "Gesture and Structure") with the "physical incorporation into buildings, monuments, gestures or objets d 'art of the cruciform in its wider applications" (8).
Members of Egypt's Coptic Christian minority said mass in the square and many of the placards combined the Muslim crescent and the Christian cross.
As a precautionary measure following the Alexandria bomb that left 23 dead and over 90 injured, police used metal detectors and checked attendants' national ID cards and wrists for tattoos of the Coptic Christian cross.
Fermia and his colleagues spent a month building the display, notable for a Christian cross atop a tall structure decorated with native Philippine plants.
Anonymous speech, a Christian cross on federal property, and televising a gay rights trial are just some of the topics we'll cover.
There was an effort to elongate the Zia symbol representing the State of New Mexico (seen on the state flag) into a Christian cross and place it under the eagle symbol on stationery.
Fife Council archaeologist Douglas Speirs said: "What sets this stone apart from the other known examples of Christian cross slabs is its incredible intricacy and the unique symbolism.
NADIA Eweida, 58, risked dismissal by British Airways for wearing a small Christian cross at the Heathrow check-in desk, against company regulations.
It would be just as accurate to say that the Christian cross is a symbol of the Spanish Inquisition or the violence committed by Crusaders against Muslims.
He sees the truth but quickly denies it in all situations and continually "resist[s] logic" even about cross burnings: "It didn't seem right to use the Christian cross that way.
If it wasn't for the Christian cross, it could be a disco or casino.
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