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Protestant denomination founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866

religious system based on teachings of Mary Baker Eddy emphasizing spiritual healing

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For this reason, Christian Scientists seek to honor the unparalleled demonstration of God's love to humanity that we call Easter each and every day.
To make the question manageable, let's limit the discussion to possible programs involving Muslim, Jewish and Christian scientists only.
I would learn from the Christian Scientists to stand up and to give thanks for having been healed and helped.
For example, Christian Scientists don't factor into the results because they shun medicine.
The booklet gives details of 15 faiths including Buddhism, the Christian Scientists, Hinduism, Quakers, Seventh Day Aventists and Sikhs but there was no space for paganism.
The ten contributors to this small volume represent the respondents to an invitation that was extended rather broadly but failed to "find any fundamentalist or non Christian scientists to participate" (viii).
Eddy was undeterred; Gilbert Eddy had died from the effect of negative mesmeric forces--later Christian Scientists called it malicious animal magnetism or "MAM"--directed at him by the movement's enemies.
also informs us about the alternative religious experiences of women among the Shakers, Mormons, Oneida Community, Christian Scientists, and Native Americans.
The Poynters were Christian Scientists, and his mother impressed upon him the idealism and responsibility of that faith (although Pierce observes that Poynter's adult religious convictions are unknown).
As a member of a hospital ethics committee in a city with a very large Christian Science population, I have seen firsthand the stalemate between Christian Scientists and physicians, especially concerning the treatment of Christian Science children.
Listening to those who are working to bring back illegal abortion, as is MacNair, is like checking in with the Christian Scientists, who do not believe in medicine, to find out whether your doctor is a good one.
In New York, for example, lawyers, physicians, clergymen, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, psychologists, podiatrists, nurses, Christian Scientists, embalmers, firemen, and sole business proprietors are all let off the hook.
Delgado Travel; Elias Sports Bureau; the First Church of Christian Scientists, which more than doubled the size of its space; and Advent Software, which structured provisions to quadruple the size of its current space.
Christian Scientists are usually intensely sincere, devoted to a principle of faith that promises little monetary reward for the practitioners.
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