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a member of the Protestant church founded in the United States by Mary Baker Eddy

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In order to campaign to bring the world to Christ, it is important for Christian scientists to understand the motivations and thought processes of their secular scientific colleagues.
Though a Christian Scientist in name," Eddy wrote, Gestefeld "is a member of the Theosophical Society.
The 1st Circuit rejected that claim, finding that the exception for Christian Scientists, whose religion forbids conventional treatment, was really designed to cover only those "patients who choose to rely solely upon a religious method of healing and for whom the acceptance of medical health services would be inconsistent with their religious beliefs.
Her love for Basil, a Christian Scientist, was frowned upon by her mother and gradually they were driven apart.
She died tragically young on June 7, 1937, aged only 26, a result of her fanatically-devout Christian Scientist mother forbidding medical treatment of her blood poisoning until too late.
Yet, as she encountered a manager's racist behavior, it was her faith as a Christian Scientist that got her through it all.
By joining with another Christian Scientist Church, we will be better able to focus on our original purpose of providing a visible example of how God's work can be demonstrated in our community," said Catherine Byers, one of the members of the Board of Directors of the Church.
One could even say that a Christian Scientist believes in a "full-service Savior" and would like to see this practical aspect of the church's mission included going forward.
Born in Wisconsin and raised as one of four children by devout Christian Scientist parents, he graduated from college in Illinois but now says his biggest learning experience came during a long fall while ice climbing in the Adirondacks.
A Christian Scientist, Shayon has a deep interest in religion in the mass media, an interest that appeared in many columns he wrote for Saturday Review during the most effective period of broadcasting by mainline denominations.
DOCTORS faced with a Christian Scientist who refuses life-saving treatment are advised to respect their decision, unless children are involved.
First, there was the "definitive" three-volume life published between 1966 and 1971 by Christian Scientist Robert Peel--weighing in with about a thousand pages of text supported by 250 pages of notes.
The pending failure of Chrysler cast CEOs in the role of Tom Lehrer's Christian Scientist with appendicitis.
Kilmer, 36 - in Britain to star as Simon Templar in a movie version of The Saint - was spotted at a Christian Scientist church in London.
Second, once a medical diagnosis has been rendered, it will be much harder for the Christian Scientist to retain control over the decisions concerning one's own health or the health of one's children.
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