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a member of the Protestant church founded in the United States by Mary Baker Eddy

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Christian scientists can be encouraged to take an active part in this world, and to devote their energies to increasing our understanding of the body in its many dimensions, and in alleviating suffering and loss on the part of humans like ourselves.
2) Were Paul with us today, he might have amended his comments to describe the one body as having "Catholic or Orthodox, Lutherans or Christian Scientists," yet we could still each bear witness, regardless of religious affiliation, to drinking "of one Spirit.
A informs hospital staff that he is a Christian Scientist, and his religion precludes him from taking any medications.
In September, the Journal published a short letter from an anonymous Christian Scientist who was "somewhat bemused and very much saddened" by a recent unnamed heterodox publication, clearly Gestefeld's.
The 1st Circuit rejected that claim, finding that the exception for Christian Scientists, whose religion forbids conventional treatment, was really designed to cover only those "patients who choose to rely solely upon a religious method of healing and for whom the acceptance of medical health services would be inconsistent with their religious beliefs.
A Christian Scientist church and reading room still exists in the building.
REPUBLICANS AND CONSERVATIVES ARE, TO STEAL A 45-year-old line from Tom Lehrer, beginning to feel like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis.
Birmingham Christian Scientist, Brian Weatherhogg, from Quinton, suggested employers could ease the situation by investing more in preventing people becoming ill in the first place.
Wilburn was raised as a Christian Scientist and he also lightly uses that denomination's version of Christian beliefs.
Although Uncle Aaron is a Jew, he has also been a Christian Scientist, a Course of Miracles worker, and I think he was EST at one point.
Pritchett's father, whom he skewers in the autobiography, is a Christian Scientist zealous to the point of mania, and Mr.
Her love for Basil, a Christian Scientist, was frowned upon by her mother and gradually they were driven apart.
She died tragically young on June 7, 1937, aged only 26, a result of her fanatically-devout Christian Scientist mother forbidding medical treatment of her blood poisoning until too late.
Yet, as she encountered a manager's racist behavior, it was her faith as a Christian Scientist that got her through it all.
I'm prepared for this eventuality, having been raised by a mother who was in turn raised by her Christian Scientist grandparents, and had thus been trained to greet her children's symptoms with contempt and derision.
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