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Synonyms for Christ

Jesus Christ


Synonyms for Christ

a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth

any expected deliverer

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10) * This holy housel is both Christes body, and the body of all faithfull men
The first is a dialogue entitled Colloquium peccatoris et crucifixi Jhesu Christe.
Christes (Yannis Tsimitselis) is a 20-year-old stud who puts his olive skin, thick black hair, bedroom eyes, pillow-cushion lips, and oft-displayed Olympian physique to profitable use in a provincial Greek town.
3464); urges the apparently entranced Nicholas to "thenk on Christes passioun
24) Firste I pronounce|whens that I come And than my billes shewe I all and some Our liege lordes seall on my patent That shewe I firste|my body to warent That no man be so bolde|ne preest ne clerke Me to distourbe|of christes hooly warke [.
Despite Parr's emphasis on her Protestant conversion and her denunciation of the 'bisshoppe of Rome' as an 'evyll usurpour of Christes power' (A.
In hispious 1613 meditation Christes Bloodie Sweate Ford bases his Christ on Peter (a Devonshire neighbor) and echoes W.
Christes Thorne is sharpe, no head his Garland weares: Still finest wits are stilling Menus Rose.
Beware, serys, I zow pray, Fore I made [thorn]is with good entente, Fore hit is Christes comaundement; Prays fore me [thorn]at be[thorn] present, My name hit is [thorn]e blynd Awdlay.
Richarde Dennye of Bawdesey in the countie of Suff gent broughte into this house of Bridwell the seconde of maye 1562 by the Mr of Christes hospitall for that he comitted whordome withe Anne Davye & Joane walker servauntes in the house of the signe of the bell in newegate markett and beinge examoned saithe that