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a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul

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At the same time, both in the freedom to which it gives expression and in the consciousness of those who belong to it of their need to be recognizable to one another, it reveals Christ within it.
Rather than pulling people out of their community, isolating them and adding them into our Christian community, we should work to make them followers of Christ within their existing communities, to dialogue, to extend the church as an inclusive community, to count them in, to develop religious harmony, and to seek peace with all.
In light of the complexities of Myanmar, the book asks how one can introduce and communicate Christ within this unique context.
This work helpfully illuminates some of the rich resources available in tradition for interpreting Christ within an evolutionary framework.
This act of self-sacrificial, "beneficent suicide" is reminiscent perhaps of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ within the Christian tradition.
In a series of further theological contributions, Moltmann located both the cross and resurrection of Christ within a social teaching of the Trinitarian God, always mindful of the social and political currents.
The "Letter to Rodrigo Sanchez de Arevalo" (1443) invokes the "rules of learned ignorance" to envision a "conjectural Church," which reflects Christ within the sensible, historical world.
A long, thorough, inspired and inspiring collection of poems and hymns written to strike the love of Christ within all who read them, "Our Daily Bread: Glimpsing The Eucharist Through the Centuries" is highly recommended for community library Christian studies collections.
Her underlying justification is that by working backwards she might uncover the important dramatic afterlife for these plays in post-Reformation England, highlighted by the presence within these plays of figures who break the fourth-wall convention to speak directly to the audience, such as the Chester plays' Expositor figure, and Herod, Judas, and Christ within the York cycle.
Jackson establishes a framework for the study by outlining the rise of the Church of God in Christ within the larger social and racial context of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America.
Indeed, there are not two realities but only one reality and that is the reality of God revealed in Christ within the reality of the world.
34) John Spilsbery, for his part, simply argued that the gathered congregation, was properly constituted into a church state, by virtue of the "union they have with their head Christ, the body thus jointly considered hath the power and authority of Christ within herself, to choose and make use of any one or more of her members, as occasion offers, and authorizes him or them to administer baptism on the whole body, and so on themselves in the first place as part of the same.
As growth continues doing what is "right" may be superceded by becoming a son or daughter of God (an inheritor of the kingdom), prior to attaining the perfection of bearing Christ within oneself.
A real experience of Christ within has been replaced by a religion of good works.
Yet I saw the whole Eternal, infinite Christ within the one Small mirror of her soul.