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a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul

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A long, thorough, inspired and inspiring collection of poems and hymns written to strike the love of Christ within all who read them, "Our Daily Bread: Glimpsing The Eucharist Through the Centuries" is highly recommended for community library Christian studies collections.
While some people continue to seek Christ within the confines of the traditional church, there are others who have left this institution in search of something more relevant and real.
34) John Spilsbery, for his part, simply argued that the gathered congregation, was properly constituted into a church state, by virtue of the "union they have with their head Christ, the body thus jointly considered hath the power and authority of Christ within herself, to choose and make use of any one or more of her members, as occasion offers, and authorizes him or them to administer baptism on the whole body, and so on themselves in the first place as part of the same.
As growth continues doing what is "right" may be superceded by becoming a son or daughter of God (an inheritor of the kingdom), prior to attaining the perfection of bearing Christ within oneself.
A real experience of Christ within has been replaced by a religion of good works.
Yet I saw the whole Eternal, infinite Christ within the one Small mirror of her soul.
When we turn to God in this way, we necessarily cast a searching eye at whatever in ourselves and our particular Christian tradition is incompatible with the presence of Christ within and among us all.
Certain elements of it, such as its tendency to equate the liberation of the individual soul with the liberation of Christ within that soul, and the importance it attaches both to God's grace and to a priest's absolution, are seen by Weiske as implying that the Gesta were compiled by a Franciscan author of the time before Duns Scotus - a plausible theory, which substantiates the ascription of the work to a Franciscan in the oldest dated manuscript (Innsbruck MS 310, 1342).
Our college motto - Christ Within Us All - is the galvanising statement against which we measure all our successes.
We are all God's children and as a community, a body, we need to ask ourselves what it means to be Christ within our world, within our community, in spite of our differences, drawing the gospel circle wide for the inclusion of all, and stepping beyond our own self-imposed biases.
Wrestling with such issues means leaving aside the easy answers of self-blame, and starting to rely on a more mature sense of the presence of God and Christ within this secular movement of history.
He continues to seek the presence of Christ within his fellow Catholics, and that pilgrimage never ends.
Describing the poet as a "Christian Hebraist," Festa argues that "for Milton the reasonable power of the Mosaic Law derives in effect from historicizing the teaching of Christ within the tradition of Hebraic interpretation" (57).
In Luther's theology, Christ was the reference point for every "good work" that came from the human individual, and good works were understood as a consequence of the immediacy and activity of Christ within the believing sinner.
What if the real clash of civilizations, from a strictly Gospel point of view, is not and has never been between Islam and the West but between self-serving states and followers of the self-giving Christ within their borders?