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a map that uses graded differences in shading or color or the placing of symbols inside defined areas on the map in order to indicate the average values of some property or quantity in those areas

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1) Do choropleth maps linked with parallel coordinates help people understand where the most vulnerable locations are and why these locations are vulnerable?
Basic methods" evaluates cartographic mapping methods as choropleth, areals, iso-lines methods.
The choropleth map in figure 7 illustrates the role of population density by showing the number of high-achieving students per 17-year-old in each county.
We applied the same assumptions in our study to the design of class symbology on a tactile choropleth map.
For spatial analysis, the obvious option is to present data on maps, with the variable of interest divided into classes or categories, and plotted using colors or hachure within each geographic unit, known as a choropleth map (Marshall, 1991).
The majority of maps used by retail organization show data depicted flora an abstract 2D plan view, such as a choropleth map that is viewed flora directly overhead and represents data values through colour or shading.
Similar to choropleth maps, a dasymetric map utilizes standardized data (i.
The microplot map (NCI 2004c) shows 95% confidence intervals for the units, and their intervals may overlap even though a choropleth map indicates a difference.
Traditionally, choropleth mapping, or district mapping, has been used to display real estate market data for neighborhoods or submarkets.
How to interpret simple maps that are I the choropleth, circle, dot, and isoline formats;
The creation of choropleth maps, the dominant cartographic form in these atlases, raises several methodological questions.
Representing uncertainty integrated into such maps is challenging compared to maps with more homogeneous objects such as choropleth maps.
The performance of spatial interpolation methods and choropleth maps to estimate properties at points: a soil survey case study, Environmetrics 7: 1-16.
The choropleth maps of rates and Local Indicators of Spatial Autocorrelation (LISA) cluster maps by period show a complex pattern (shown in Figure 2).
Comparison of methods for classifying epidemiological data on choropleth maps in series.