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In addition to directing one of the largest brain tumor treatment programs in the country at Children's Hospital, Finlay's career has also been devoted to the treatment of children, adolescents and young adults with brain tumors, especially young children with treatment strategies that avoid radiotherapy; children with medulloblastoma; other PNET, germ cell tumors, ependymoma, gliomas (low grade and high grade) and choroid plexus carcinomas.
Prior to Saturday's annual spring game, the Greyhounds will "draft" 4-year-old Yan Perez, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor called choroid plexus carcinoma in August 2008, as a member of the team for the season.
The present report concerns a young patient with no known family history of malignancies, who presented at 18 months with 2 advanced primary tumors, choroid plexus carcinoma and adrenal cortical carcinoma.
Subtotal resection of the ventricular mass was performed, with a diagnosis of choroid plexus carcinoma based on the marked cytologic atypia, high mitotic index, and invasion into the ventricular wall.
Both tumors, choroid plexus carcinoma in the brain and adrenocortical carcinoma, expressed variable immunohistochemically detectable levels of p53 in cell nuclei of the tumors and in residual, histologically normal adrenal cortical cell nuclei.